Jason On The Issues

We Need To Fix The Roads & Fix Them Right

Our county roads are a critical means of transportation for our farmers and rural residents in Lubbock County. They must be well maintained and as your next county commissioner I will ensure that these roads are well kept for the citizens they serve.

No More Unnecessary Pay Raises For The Commissioners

In 2014 Lubbock County Commissioners gave themselves a 31% increase in their own salaries. I believe this was completely unnecessary and will return that additional funding to the county. I will never vote to give myself a pay increase with your tax dollars.

Let’s Get Property Tax’s Lowered As Value Increases

As the appraisal district raises our property values Lubbock County Commissioners should lower the tax rate so that Lubbock residents and business owners don’t have to pay more in taxes. As your next county commissioner I plan to vote for the effective tax rate to stop these unnecessary automatic tax increases.